Aug 18, 2011

Have you ever shopped at a Habitat for Humanity store? I did when I lived in Chico so I decided to see if there was one close by me in Anaheim. Well, there is! This store was even better than the one up is bigger, clean, and has lots more stuff. At first I thought Oh this store is too nice they will be expensive but to my surprise they aren't. I went there looking for odds and ends for my mosaic art...I found 2 cabinet doors with hardware attached, glass drawer knobs and tile...sooo much tile! I'm talking 25 cents a piece tile. The doors were 1.50 each. If you need home remodeling stuff or furniture check this store out. The money goes for a great cause and is 100% recycled stuff donated by contractors.

Eat your fruits & veggies xo Inge

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