Aug 20, 2011

John & I went to the farmer's market at the Buena Park Mall this morning. It was our first time and we definitely will be back. For one thing they are dog friendly...that's a selling point right there. I want to find more places where we can bring our pooches so they aren't stuck at home so much. We went there in search of organic or at least unsprayed apples. We didn't have any luck...I know it isn't really apple season yet...but it will be in one more month. We did get some other fruits and veggies though. They also have a petting goats, chickens, and pigs. Next time I will bring the camera. There were also pony rides for kids...too bad my legs are so long...if I got on one of the ponies my feet would drag on the ground...what am I thinking? They would never let me on one in the first place. Dang kids get all the fun!

I met a couple who make and sell honey soaps and skin care products...they even have products for dogs. They specialize in products for dry and sensitive skin. I qualify for that because the radiation really dried me out, including my hair. I don't want to put anything on me that has chemicals so finding skin care products like that isn't easy, and when I do find them they are expensive. They have a special at the market... buy four things for $20. That is very reasonable. So I found five things and they only charged me an extra $5. If I bought these at say Whole Foods or Sprouts I would have easily paid over $45. I am happy I found them because I got the products I was looking for at a good price, it's made in America, and I supported a small business.

They have a website and they are also on twitter!/honeysoapshop. They make their skin care products in Cypress, California so if you live close by you could probably pick it up from them and save on shipping charges. Here is their phone number 714-995-1880. Oh and they also sell wholesale.

Here is the website for the farmer's market. It includes some photos.

Eat your friuts & veggies! xo Inge

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