Aug 31, 2011

I like looking at pictures on peoples blogs. I think they make them more interesting, so I decided to add a picture of my sweet baby, Cooper. I love him soooo much! He was by my side (and still is) when I was bedridden. He is sleeping next to me right now. I would like to take him for walks more but if he poops, I cannot bend over to pick it up, so for now he is my lap dog. We have another dog, Charlie. John rescued him about 5 years ago and he is definitely John's dog. He follows him everywhere and his face lights up when John is home. It's funny how these wonderful creatures love unconditionally and ask for very little in return. I bet neither one of them daydreams about someone else or wonders if they could do better somewhere else.

I saw Dr. Wong yesterday. His scale said I weigh 128.  Hmmmm...Dr. Bui's said I am 126. Anyway, he said my weight is ok. I need to continue to eat healthy and not worry about my weight unless I lose alot at one time. He would like me to get an MRI for my brain. I would rather chew on nails for an hour. I see a neurologist next week, so I will see what he says. I have to be scanned this month anyway and just how much radiation can a girl take?

As I mentioned before my bowel has a mind of its own... I have been eating some veggies lately that gives me gas. I know everyone gets it and in the past it was not a problem but now my plumbing sounds like a machine gun without the safety on. I swear I sound like my grandfather and it happens at the most inopportune times, like when there are no dogs or children around to blame.. I told Dr. Wong this and he smirked - that is unfortunate but there is always Beano!

It looks like I won't be getting surgery anytime soon. Dr. Wong would like to wait longer to see if my sphincter muscles heal by themselves. Let me tell you, Pull-ups are love killers. There is no way to make them sexy and if I wear yoga pants my backside looks like I am carrying a load! Oh, well I still have my sexy bras... I just try not to look down.

Eat your fruit & veggies!   xo   Inge

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