Aug 31, 2011

My friend CJ came over today and we went to the bank together. I would go by myself but this particular branch is located in a very busy strip mall. I don't feel safe walking by myself; the drivers speed and don't watch for pedestrians. On the way in the bank I noticed a woman with a small baby. She held a sign that she needed food for them and needed help. She sat quietly and really did not make eye contact with people. I decided I would give her $10. She was thankful and CJ and I went on our way, which was to make a quick stop in Marshalls.

After about an hour we walked outside and I noticed another woman asking for money from a shopper to buy a sandwich. She didn't have a baby, but just then this other young woman with a baby and holding the same sign as the first one walked by. WTF??? Were these women scamming people? Working together and using babies for sympathy? I felt myself getting mad. I had to see if the first woman was still there with her baby. She was. CJ told me she seemed to be by herself. I felt they were working together. I didn't see her holding the sign anymore. I don't mind helping people but when I find out they are scamming me, I get furious! CJ told me there was no way to prove any of this and I already gave her the money. She told me to let it go. Obviously I haven't or I wouldn't be blogging about it now. I know times are tough and I will probably see more of this in the future. I hope for their sake I don't run into them somewhere else. It could get ugly...

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