Jul 24, 2011

Hubby and I went to the Jamestown Flea Market in Old Towne Tustin today. I sold there about two years ago and loved it! It was much smaller back then...today the parking lot where the vendors sell was nearly full. Everytime I go to these flea markets I can feel my heart beating faster. I always enjoy myself and meet interesting people. This flea market is run by the owner of Whimzy, a fun and fabulous shop located in the Old Towne Shopping Center - Tustin, CA. They carry art supplies for the crafters, one of a kind jewelry by local artists, and other goodies. They also offer classes. Here is their website: http://www.vintagewhimzy.com/Shoppe.html

This booth caught my eye immediately because of their beautiful displays. If I could give out ribbons these gals defintely get first place! It's run by a mother daughter team, Aide and Elizabeth. If you would like to visit their booth you can find them the 4th Sunday of the month at Jamestown Flea Market - Old Town Tustin, and at the Antique Flea Market at Irvine Valley College, CA. It's open the first Sunday of the month.

I found these goodies at a booth run by two sisters, Jackie and Jeanette who specialize in shabby chic and vintage jewelry. These gals definitely get 2nd place for visual display, and their prices are vey reasonable so I was able to buy a few things. If you would like to stop by their booth you can find them the 2nd Saturday of the month in Old Towne Orange, CA Flea Market and the 4th Sunday of the month at Jamestown Village Flea Market - Old Town Tustin, CA. They also have a blog:

Here's their booth. Hubby and I came late in the day so they sold alot of things before we got there. Dang it! I should have got up earlier!

Hope your weekend was fun!
xo Inge


Annie Louise said...

What a great pleasure it was to meet you at Jamestown! Stop on by anytime as we can't wait to chat with you again.
Thanks for the kind words about "Annie Louise"!
Take care.
Jackie and Jeanette

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