Jul 12, 2011

I am not grumpy today (hubby is glad about that!) but I got some bad news from a friend...a friend of hers who was just given the "all clear" from breast cancer a month ago has a tumor behind her liver. I don't know this woman but just hearing that made my heart stop for a minute. I know it's not me but there are times I get scared when I hear things like that. I stay away from websites that deal with the c-word...I think I want to participate in fundraising for c-word events but when it comes down to it, I stay away. I want to tell people I am a survivor but I don't...I'm afraid if I talk about it it will come back. I would just like to put it behind me and pretend it never happened...but I am reminded everytime I sit down. But how can I help others get through their ordeal if I stay quiet? Maybe it's too soon. My radiologist really didn't help...the last visit he was happy but cautious...he said he was worried because it had been in my liver so pre- c-word cells could be floating around inside me looking for a place to grow...not helpful thank you! That's why I have to be scanned on a regular basis. That's why I am sticking to a mostly veggie diet. I really believe the key is to keep the body alkaline. That's why I drink an ounce of Noni juice everyday. I would like to be like my animals...they enjoy the moment... live in the now...they don't spend their time worrying about "what if". I know worrying will not help...so I bought a book from Amazon. "Getting Well Again" by Simonton. Louise Hay recommends it. She is a survivor and cured herself with diet, meditation, affirmations, reflexology and colonics. I know I can do the samething but there are just days that seem a bit harder. I don't mean to be a downer but I believe if I always put on a happy face even though I don't feel that way I am not being helpful...truthful. I am human and there are days I feel more vulnerable so maybe by sharing that I can help someone else who feels that way know they are not alone and that might help them get through to the other side.

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