Jul 25, 2011

I love going to flea markets because of all the ecclectic items that are for sale. It's a great way to spend time in the fresh air and find one of a kind items. I always find lots of goodies I want to bring home. Shopping at flea markets helps me support my two biggest passions...supporting small business and recycling. I think it is so important, especially now to support American jobs and business. As I mentioned before I vote with my wallet. I also think it's important to keep vintage and antique items in the marketplace because these things are a part of history. Many of these items have an interesting story behind them and of course were once treasured by someone else. I enjoy bringing something home that was loved by someone else. It is the thrill of the hunt that always brings me back. I like selling at flea markets too, but getting up at 4am to get ready to go is definitely my only gripe. If they only had evening or late afternoon swap meets...hey, maybe I'm on to something!
Why do you enjoy going to flea markets?
xo Inge

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Annie Louise said...

Love your blog! Great pictures!!

Look forward to following you and your adventures.

Jackie & Jeanette