Jul 11, 2011

I'm grumpy today. I have been tapering off the Morphine so that may have something to do with it or maybe I'm just grumpy. Since I am grumpy, I will get something off my chest...it has to do with the disability insurance people. Every two weeks I have to fill out a form that states I am still disabled (if I had a job that allowed me to sit on the toilet all day and work, I could go back to work, but I don't)... I don't really care that I have to keep filling out the paper every two weeks...it's the return envelope that gets my goat. The window that is supposed to show the address where to send it doesn't line up correctly...infact it shows my address...if I didn't pay attention to detail (my ocd kicking in) I would send the paperwork to myself and delay my benefit check. These people are real sticklers...I have to return the paperwork on the day they request (not before or I will get a penalty, whatever that means) but they can't hire someone with half a brain to line up the paper correctly! Once again our tax dollars going to a group of dopes! Since I'm on the subject of tax dollars and the deficit, I suggest we stop sending money to foreign countries like...for a start...Pakistan. I saw the news today and we are withholding 500 million dollars to them...well, I say STOP IT NOW! NO MORE TO ANYONE WHO DOESN'T LIVE IN THE USA! We are so far in debt!!! Well, you know the number is so large it can't fit on the page. I am not Democrat, Republican, or Tea Party but as a taxpayer my opinion should count...your opinion should count...THESE GUYS WORK FOR US FOR CRYING OUT LOUD
( I better stop here cause I'm getting super grumpy and that can't help my healing process). I have to go fold that stupid disability paper so it shows in the mailing window of the envelope.
xo Inge

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