Jul 21, 2011

My book is here! The first half of the book is ok. It is sort of textbook but the second half has the practical application, which is what I am looking for. It has exercises that are meant to make the reader figure out how they contributed to their illness...it isn't blaming anyone for getting sick but instead it shows how stress and how we handle it is the issue. It is a medical fact that stress can cause illness. It doesn't happen overnight but over time it takes its toll. This book will help me find out how the stresses in my life contributed to my illness.

Over the last year and a half I had alot of stress... from moving to LA and literally starting over (for the 2nd time in 4 years)... I was separated from my hubby and critters for 3 months so I could look for work and a place to live while John worked up north to pay the bills...then getting a job and leaving it 4 months later because of the daily drama and disrespect towards me (which I allowed out of fear of getting fired or reprimanded)...then I was looking for work and only getting offered low paying part time jobs until 8 months later when I got a job but it was very stressful...again! Then there was the money problems and going through most of our savings in order to pay bills...during this time my body was talking to me but I hoped it would get better on its own. I allowed myself to get run down, to be disrespected, didn't ask for help, worried about things I could not control, and kept my fears to myself instead of talking it over with my hubby...in other words stuffing my feelings.

This book will help me sort through all these feelings and learn to handle stress better. Let's face it...we live in a stressful world...it's up to me to learn to handle it in a positive way. I don't want to get sick again and I will do what it takes to get healthy. Hopefully this book will give me the tools to do that.

xo Inge

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